Quality Clauses

Terms and Conditions



The provider’s employees shall be competent and qualified to perform the process defined on this purchase order


Applied Aerodynamics Inc. measures and monitors all providers performance for on time delivery and quality of products. These metrics will be communicated to the supplier


This purchase order requires verification or validation by the purchaser or the customer at the providers premises


The provider shall have a documented process for design and development control


This purchase order contains special requirements, critical items or key characteristics


Product related to this purchase order shall be tested, inspected to the purchase order requirements including a First Article Inspection Record as required.


The use of statistical techniques or sampling for product acceptance shall be approved by AAI Quality Manager prior to release of product


The provider shall have a quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001 or AS9100


The provider shall use customer designated or approved providers for all purchased product and special processing 


The provider shall notify AAI Quality Manager of any product or process found to be nonconforming


The provider shall have a process in place to prevent counterfeit product from entering the supply chain. Provider shall assure that all products provided to AAI are genuine and no counterfeit product shall be used or shipped. Seller shall notify AAI immediately if seller suspects or is aware they have furnished counterfeit goods and promptly replace the counterfeit parts with genuine parts. Supplying counterfeit goods to AAI will hold the seller responsible for all costs associated with the replacement of said counterfeit parts


The provider shall notify AAI Quality Manager immediately of changes in product and/or process definitions, changes of suppliers, change of manufacturing facility location, withdrawal or suspension of accreditation / registration status and where else required to obtain AAI’s approval 


The provider shall flow all the applicable requirements of this purchase order including customer requirements to its provider


This purchase order requires a test specimen to be provided 


Documented information shall be retained for a period of 10 years unless otherwise stated on the face of the PO. The provider is to contact AAI Quality Manager prior to the destruction of any records


The purchaser, customer and regulatory agencies shall have access to all facilities and documents at any level of the supply chain


The provider shall have a documented process in place to ensure its employees are aware of their contribution to product or service conformity, their contribution to product safety and the importance of ethical behavior